Powerful high volume email marketing

Grow your audience, manage your lists and track your success with targeted campaigns.

Reach your clients wherever they are

Design your emails

Amazingly easy template builder

Emailmoz makes it so easy to create your own email campaigns including targeted dynamic content. We have a wealth of customisable email templates that have been tested with all the major email clients to help you started.

The template builder lets you add, edit and move the text, video and graphics that make up your email campaign without ever having to write a line of code. Please note that using HTML and CSS under the hood is still possible.

Email design template builder

Campaign management

Manage your campaigns

Simple automation and personalisation

We have designed Emailmoz with one thing in mind, simplicity. Send a campaign to your entire list, or to segmented groups by location, loyalty or social profile. Create, send and monitor your email campaigns without the need of IT support. Use triggers, auto-responders and personalise your message based on subscribers data.

Track your results

Insightful real time analytics

Monitor and analyse the most important KPIs in real time including read/open tracking, bounces, unsubscribes, social interactions and click overlay. Easily integrate Google Analytics for unified reporting or export to excel for offline analysis.

Our powerful user-friendly analytics let you track the recipients behaviour making it easy for you to profile and target your best campaigns, prospects and customers.

Email reports & tracking

Lists & subscribers

Subscribers management

Powerful list segmentation and audience growth

Build your lists and manage your subscribers in just a few minutes. Segment your subscriber lists with no extra effort, simply by applying smart filters in your forms. You can easily integrate, upload or import subscribers from all your marketing channels matching specific conditions about their location, history and social profile.

Do you have large lists with unstructured subscribers data? No problem, just contact our integration team and we can arrange a segmentation solution that suits your needs and marketing objectives.

Social media sharing

Be more social at a click of a button

Integrate your social media and email marketing efforts and watch in real time which subscribers share your campaigns. Engage faster and more efficient with your subscribers and big influencers and segment your audiences according to their social graph.

Social media sharing

Now grab your coffee...

Emailmoz will do the rest while you relax

While email marketing can be automated entirely, there is still a lot to be done. Relax... Emailmoz works quietly harnessing the power of the cloud, to provide you with powerful data and insights to work with. We do all the clean-up of big data sets and segment your lists based on fresh data and social signals.

If you are looking for customised solutions, including design, data migration, API integration or ad-hoc features, contact us directly and one of our infrastructure members we'll be happy to discuss available solutions.